Metal Front Fence Alternatives for a Home

Posted on: 10 July 2023

Metal is a great option for a home front fence material, as it is easy to look after and comes in a range of styles. Here are several types of front fences that use metal.

Tubular Metal Fencing

One possibility for front fences is tubular metal. These come in various designs, making them easy to coordinate for different settings. You can choose a minimalist structure with plain railings of an even height for a flat-top fence. Alternatively, you can install a tubular metal fence full of details and carvings. Some rails have moulded spear tips, which vary in height to form arches between the posts.

Typically, a fence should match the architectural details of a house. If a home has clean, modern lines, you can opt for a similarly minimalist wall. Or else, if a home features elaborate carvings along the verandah, a more detailed fence may look perfect.

Slat Fencing

Another style of front fence made from metal is a slat fence. While tubular rails can be plain or decorative, slat barriers are always minimal in that they don't feature carvings or details. The simplicity of slat fences is why they are attractive, as they give a smooth and sleek look to a property.

While tubular fences don't produce privacy, slat fences create a semi-secluded front yard. The spaces between the slats give the design a lightness that a fully opaque fence doesn't have. Additionally, you have the benefit of being able to adjust the privacy level by modifying the slat thickness and the spaces to favour one or the other. You can leave wider or narrower gaps and use broader or skinnier slats. Similarly to tubular metal fences, you can opt for colours such as black, green and grey.

Panel Fencing

If you want a metal front fence that blocks the view completely, choose a metal panel design, such as a colorbond fence. These fences are built using pieces of corrugated metal, often steel, that are set between either metal or timber posts.

The ripples on the panels give these fences an attractive appearance, and you can mix and match the colours of the panels and posts. For example, you can use grey metal panels and cream posts or maroon panels and beige posts. Additionally, these fences come with decorative caps; check the possibilities with your fence supplier.

The benefit of cordoning off your front garden is that it provides extra outdoor living space, and you can leave the window coverings wide open at the front of the house in the same carefree way you do with the back windows, knowing you have all-around privacy. For more information, contact a company like L & J Webb Fencing Pty Ltd.