Advantages of Aluminum Slat Fencing for a Residential Property

Posted on: 1 December 2021

The front fence can affect the privacy of your garden. Plus, its look will impact the kerb view and affect how secure your house is. For these reasons, it's crucial to pick the right fencing style. Here are several reasons to consider aluminium slat fencing.


One of the outstanding features of these fences is that they let you choose between different privacy levels. You could opt for wide slats that fit closely together with only small gaps in between. Alternatively, install a fence with narrow widely-spaced slats to form an airier barrier. If you want to turn your front garden into an additional living area, you could choose a more private fence. If you want a more open view from the kerb, you should go for a lighter style.

Sleek Design

These fences are a perfect option if you want a sleek design. They're not chunky and heavy like brick and cement barriers. Aluminium is a smooth material with an even finish. Plus, you can choose between various powder-coated colours such as beige, blue, charcoal and black. Match the fence to the roofing, house trim, or paving, for example, so it doesn't feel out of place.

Durable and Lightweight

These barriers are durable as aluminium naturally repels rust. Additionally, the powder coating process fuses paint to the panels so they won't flake or chip to reveal the metal underneath. Thus, an aluminium fence will withstand the elements without degrading and last for many years with little maintenance. You won't need to undertake regular resealing or painting as you do with timber, for example.

Convenient to Install

These fences are relatively convenient to install, especially when compared to heavy, chunky materials like stone, brick and cement. The aluminium slats are also typically lighter than timber. This will help during an aluminium fence installation, as the process will be more straightforward, thus keeping setup costs to a minimum. The lightness of the metal will also allow you to easily manage the gate, which won't be heavy and unwieldy.


The design of these fences will securely contain children and pets playing in the front yard. They're typically relatively tall, so they're not easily climbed over. And they don't provide large gaps for crawling through. Once you install a lockable gate, these barriers will create a safe and secure front garden, which is especially crucial if you live on a busy road.