Ways to Modify a Chain Wire Fence

Posted on: 7 July 2021

Chain wire fences can be customised in various ways to change their security level and look, which is why they are so flexible and may be used for a company or a residential property. Consider the following modifications to your chain wire fence.


Steel is commonly used for the chain wire mesh on these fences. Stainless steel's surface oxidises chromium, which prevents rust from forming. Other steel meshes might use galvanised steel, which is zinc-coated to avoid corrosion. Aluminium is employed in some webbing. While this metal is resistant to rust and does not corrode, it's not as robust as steel.

Wire Thickness

When picking a chain wire fence, you must also consider the wire thickness. A wire with a smaller gauge number is thicker. For example, a business fence with a gauge 6 mesh is commonly used for security. On the other hand, a temporary fence can be made of wire with a gauge of 13 or such. You'll usually need something in the centre for a residential house. Your fencing contractors can advise you on the suitable thickness for your installation.

Diamond Size

The wire on these fences is weaved to form diamond shapes that can be smaller or larger. A smaller diamond creates a tighter weave, and it's typically used for commercial and security purposes. If you're installing a fence around your home front garden, you could connect a fence with larger diamonds and a looser mesh. These residential barriers typically define the property boundary rather than wage war with criminals. Chain wire can also be used for tennis courts and crickets nets. These installations use a mid-range diamond size that doesn't allow the balls to pass through the gaps.

Colour Options

While silver is the most common colour for these barriers, you can also get them in brown, black, or green. The mesh is enclosed in coloured PVC on these walls, which also protects the metal from the weather. The top and bottom rails and the posts are powder coated in the same colour as the mesh. You might put up a rustic-looking brown or green fence around a park or garden. Silver, on the other hand, is a professional-looking option for a business. Black walls provide a sophisticated appearance that is ideal for a front yard garden.

Thus, these barriers can be customised in a variety of ways to fit specific installations. The wire gauge and diamond size can be adjusted to accommodate both residential and commercial premises. You can also use steel and aluminium, leaving it silver or encasing it in coloured PVC.

Reach out to a local fencing contractor to learn more.