Two questions to ask before buying steel fencing

Posted on: 26 June 2020

If you are looking for a fencing solution steel is a great option. Steel is stronger and long-lasting than wood. Steel can also be supplied in a huge range of styles to suit any situation making it an incredibly versatile solution for everywhere from a residential property to a school or commercial venue. The best way to get steel fencing is by working with a steel fabrication company. Before you get to that stage, you will have to decide what your new fence should look like so you know what to purchase. Here's a look at the process. 

1. What type of area do you want to fence?

While steel can be used in almost any situation the way that steel will appear will be vastly different depending on the location in question. While steel barriers and gates could be perfect for an industrial complex or prison you probably don't want to find them around a residential property or a children's play park. In those situations, steel railings would be a better choice and you could select the height of the railings depending on the level of security you consider appropriate.

Other types of fencing include high-security fencing to keep intruders away from a secure area, barrier fencing to keep people away from a dangerous area where they could injure themselves or maybe a simple steel mesh fencing for a commercial business. Whatever your needs may be, the steel fabrication company will have a product they can supply to meet your needs.

2. How should your fencing be finished?

While steel fabrication is important the fabrication process doesn't finish your new steel fencing. Once the fabrication is completed, you could opt to paint the fence yourself once it is in place, but it is normally far more efficient to ask for the finishing to be applied by the steel fabrication company. You could opt to have the steel galvanised and powder coated or for any other coating you want. Liaise with the fabrication company to see what they can offer you. Once you have chosen the perfect fencing solution for your property, the steel fabrication company will be able to get to work creating exactly what you need and will deliver it to you ready to be assembled on site.

This is just a quick look at the steel fencing installation process. If you have further questions, contact steel fabrication ​contractors.