How to Make Your Automatic Gate Even More Seamless

Posted on: 8 January 2019

If you love technology and—more importantly—appreciate how much easier it can make your daily life, then you may be thinking about installing an automatic gate to safeguard your property. You probably want to keep strangers at bay and protect your growing investment, so the idea of a sturdy set of gates is probably very enticing to you. However, you would probably like to do this in as seamless a manner as possible, so your automatic gate must be able to open and close for you with very little effort. Certainly, you can operate these gates by using a key fob, but what about installing a mechanism that recognises the presence of your car as well?

Adding an Induction Loop

To help you achieve this, you will need to fit an induction loop underground, in front of the gate. This will cause the gates to open automatically whenever any vehicle approaches them from the inside, as you don't need to worry about the identity of the vehicle at this stage, of course.

How It Works

The induction loop is effectively a copper cable that is placed under the driveway and linked to a detector. The loop itself creates a magnetic field which is broken whenever a vehicle passes over the top. The loop will detect the metal in the vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle or a car, and this will send a signal to the control board, which will open the gates automatically.

Further Control

Usually, this system is permanently active, although if you do want to install additional protection then you can add a timer that will only allow it to operate during predetermined times. You can turn it off altogether if you know that you will be away for some time, and the system comes with a key switch for additional peace of mind.

Initial Work

Obviously, you will have to endure a small amount of disruption, as the contractor will need to excavate a small area in order to install the induction loop. It's going to be worth it, however, as you won't need to fumble for the key fob every time that you leave your property on your way to work or to the shops.

Planning the Installation

Make sure that you add this option when you first install your automatic gates, and always work with a contractor who has the experience to configure the system properly.