4 Reasons Colorbold Fencing Is Great at Protecting Against Animal Pests

Posted on: 2 October 2018

Most of the time, you only need to add fencing to your outside space to keep out people, mark out your property, and maintain a certain level of privacy. However, one thing you shouldn't forget to consider is how well your fencing will stand up against pests and animal access. Whether you're worried about possums or termites, it's important to pick a fencing material that's going to keep unwanted critters out of your space.

Here are just four reasons why Colorbond fencing is the ideal solution.   

1. Very Hard to Climb 

Using wood for your fencing isn't a great way to deter animals. Sure, a few of them will be stuck for a way to get over, but most can claw their way up a wood fence and get over without difficulty. Colorbond fencing is made of steel, so claws can't gain a foothold – in fact, even spiders and insects will tend to slide down its surface. Better yet, properly installed Colorbond fencing won't have any gaps or loose palings to create foot (or paw) holds.

2. No Gaps

Wood fencing often contains small gaps; these might be as small as a knothole or as large as a crack between two sections. In any case, animals are going to be able to get through. Colorbond fencing presents an unbroken surface with no gaps at all to let even the smallest of critters into your outside space. Since it lasts so long, you won't need to worry about small gaps developing in the future.

3. Invulnerable to Termites

When you think about keeping animals out of your yard, you tend to think about ones big enough to see. Unfortunately, one of the most damaging animals is the termite. Barely large enough to see and not a problem when there's just one, termites can cause a huge amount of damage when your fence gets infested. A Colorbond steel fence won't fall to termites itself since they can't burrow through; that also makes it less likely they'll get to you house.

4. Resistant to Blunt Force

Finally, keep in mind how hard it is to damage Colorbond steel fencing. Some parts of the country are home to larger pests that can bash against traditional wood fencing hard enough to cause damage and get through. Steel fencing is extremely tough; unless you happen to be living somewhere with elephants walking around, it should stand up well.