Thinking Of Garden Fencing? Consider Cast Iron Lattice Fencing

Posted on: 18 September 2017

When it comes to garden fencing, some homeowners do not pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the building supplies that they use and instead focus on how practical as well as affordable their fencing solution would be. Although this approach may seem pragmatic, the reality is garden fencing can have a significant impact on the kerb appeal of your property. Moreover, growing a garden to beautify your yard the pairing it with an unappealing fence would only negate you attempt at boosting the visual interest on your property. One of the fencing options that will not only complement your home but will be highly functional for your plants is cast iron lattice fencing. Read on to learn reasons why this material and design would be an ideal choice of garden fencing.

Cast iron lattice fencing is weather resistant

One of the main considerations when considering fencing is how well the materials will fare with constant exposure to the elements. Timber is a traditional fencing material, but over time, it becomes susceptible to decay, mould, warping and buckling due to exposure to the changing weather elements. Thus, what was once an attractive fence begins to look old and weathered.

Cast iron fencing, on the other hand, will retain its original lustre. The primary measure that you should take to protect it from the effects of weathering is ensuring that the cast iron is sufficiently sealed or powder coated. This protective barrier will keep the fencing from reacting to moisture or ultraviolet exposure.

Cast iron lattice fencing boost plant growth

A common mistake by newbie gardeners is erecting fencing in an attempt to keep their plants from being trampled on, only to end up stunting the growth of the plants inadvertently. Fences that block out sunlight or hinder ventilation in your garden due to having solid panels may seem perfect for keeping out pets and unwanted critters, but they would not provide any other benefits to the garden.

Cast iron lattice fencing is one of the designs that would help in providing strategic protection for your plants while also ensuring that they get adequate sunshine for their photosynthetic processes. Moreover, a cast ion lattice fencing is capable of allowing the right amount of ventilation to help grow healthy plants, while still protecting your garden from high winds that could uproot delicate blooms. The fencing is capable of doing this because the lattice design acts as a windbreaker, without compromising the amount of air flow in your garden.