Tips for Keeping Your Home's Metal Fence in Good Repair

Posted on: 13 February 2017

A metal fence can last for decades without needing to be replaced, but this doesn't mean it won't eventually rust, sag, or otherwise need some type of repair. However, some regular maintenance for your metal fence can keep it looking its best, help avoid unnecessary repairs, and avoid needing to have that fence replaced sooner rather than later. Note a few tips for keeping your home's metal fence in good repair.

1. Inspect and properly repair rusted areas

A metal fence is usually coated with some type of material that keeps it from rusting, but this doesn't mean rust spots won't eventually form. That coating can wear off over time and moisture gets onto the metal, causing rust and corrosion. However, it may not be enough to simply sand down the rust and repaint that area; you should use a metal filler or epoxy over the damaged area to fill in any corrosion or holes that have already formed. If you just put paint over that area, the corrosion could spread under the paint and you could easily have a gaping hole, and may even need that part of the fence replaced altogether.

2. Check the posts, bracing, and connectors

A wrought iron fence might begin to sag and lean in one direction, and a chain link fence might start to sag in certain sections. To avoid this, regularly inspect the posts, bracing, and other connectors of a fence. A wrought iron fence will have strong posts every few feet or meters to anchor the fence into the ground. Note if the anchor posts are coming loose and, if so, add lime or clay to the soil around them to keep the dirt compact and the post in place. Inspect the wires or screws that hold a chain link fence to its posts and note if these are rusted or are pulling out of place. Use heavy-duty screws and screw the sections right into the posts as needed to keep the fence from sagging.

3. Have the fence powder coated

Powder coating is like a paint that is applied in powder form and then attached to metal with an electrical charge. Having this applied to your metal fence regularly can keep the metal protected from rust and corrosion and also keep the colour looking like new. Standard metal paint may not offer as much protection as powder coating, so have this done to your fence every few years so it's always in tiptop shape.