Tips for Removing and Keeping Debris Out of Your Cyclone Fencing Panels

Posted on: 2 August 2016

Cyclone fencing can enhance the security of your property, help to keep dogs in and pests out and fill a range of other functions. However, leaves and other debris can get stuck in the openings of a cyclone fence. Looking for solutions to remove debris and keep it out of your fence? Here's what you need:

1. Pressure Washer

The easiest way to remove debris that's stuck on your cyclone fence is with a pressure washer. You can hire or buy one, and to use it, you simply put a bit of cleaner in the reservoir and water in the tank, and then, train the stream onto your fence. It will push all of the debris onto the ground behind your fence so remember to rake it up and throw it away if you don't want it to just blow back into your fence.

2. Tension Tools

Your cyclone fencing is less likely to collect debris if it is straight and in a state of good repair. If the mesh is leaning to the side, it's easier for debris to accumulate on it and potentially weigh down the fence further. If your cyclone fencing does not have a tension wire along the bottom, you may want to add one -- this part does a similar job as the top rail of the cyclone fencing, but it is much thinner and sits near the ground. Installing it simply involves connecting it to two posts and weaving it through the base of your mesh.

Whether you have just added a tension bar or already have one in place, if your fence is leaning, you should tighten it. You can tighten it using a fence pulling rod and a "come along" or fence puller. If you don't have that special equipment, you can make your own.

Release your fence from one side post. Then, slip a dowel, outfitted with three evenly spaced hooks, through part of the loose fence. Take a plank the same length as the fence and the dowel, and screw three eyelets to it at intervals roughly the same as the hooks in your dowel. Connect the eyelets to the hooks, and wrap a ratcheting strap around the plank. Now, attach the ratcheting strap to your ute and drive forward gently. The mesh of the cyclone fence should be pulled upright and straight. Rehook it the end post when it's tight.

3. Debris Screen or Slats

Finally, to prevent debris from attaching to your cyclone fence, close the holes. Your options are debris screening which slips over entire sections of the fencing or slats. Slats can be woven through the mesh of your cyclone fencing. Depending on the style you select, you can get individual slats or slats that connect to a top horizontal piece of fabric that locks the vertical slats in place.

Want more tips on removing and avoiding debris for cyclone fencing in your property? Contact a fence supplier.