Want High-End Pool Fencing – Go With Glass!

Posted on: 22 March 2016

A swimming pool is part and parcel of your home. If you have invested a lot of money or effort to giving your home a high-end feel and look, you should extend the same to your pool as well. One of way of doing so is installing a chic pool fence around your home. Of all the pool fencing options available, glass fencing stands out as the epitome of high-end style. Read on to see why this is so below. 

A fresh and vibrant look

Until just a few years ago, glass fencing was not heard off. It was a concept whose time had not yet come. It's only recently that glass has started to be used for applications other than doors, windows, and indoor fixtures. What this means, therefore, is that the aspect of glass fencing is relatively new in the market, as compared to the other alternatives such as steel, aluminium, PVC, and timber fencing. The high-end look is all about fresh and vibrant architectural designs and glass pool fencing falls right into that category.

The wow factor

Compared to other pool fencing options, glass is the least common around most homes, with steel and aluminium fencing taking the lead. Although this might sound like bad news for glass pool fencing, it is quite the opposite. One of the main reasons why glass is not so common around Australian pools is the price factor. Not many people want to spend extra money for a glass fence installation, especially for premium options such as frameless glass or channel glass. By installing a glass fence around your pool, therefore, you join a select number of home owners that can boast of having such an addition in their properties.

The contemporary feel

Glass has a way of making everything it is used for, and everything around it, feel high-end and luxurious. Several household examples that manifest this fact are glass balustrades, glass backsplashes, glass shower screens, and glass furniture. It could be because of its premium price tag, its rarity in building applications or its polished and gleaming lustre. Whatever it is, it works. And once applied to your swimming pool, a glass fence will cast the same feel around your outdoor space, making it look and feel both modern and chic.     

If you are all about style, fashion and prestige, therefore, there is only one pool fencing option that you should be looking at, and that is glass. Talk to a fencing contractor and discover the different glass pool fencing options there are.