Automatic Gate Options Your Fencing Contractor Can Install

Posted on: 9 September 2015

When you decide to have an automatic gate put in on your property, the first thing you may need to consider is what type of gate options you want. There is a misconception that there is only one type of automatic gate, when in fact there are several options you can add to make the gate as unique as your home. Here are a few automatic gate options you may want to consider having your fencing contractor install.

Power Options

One of the options you may need to consider is what type of power you want used on the automatic gate. The first option, and most traditional, is to have the gate operated on electricity. This is an ideal option, but could backfire on you if you have a long-standing power outage due to weather or other issues. Another option, that is ideal regardless of the weather conditions, is to have the gate powered on solar energy.

A small solar power option can be attached to the gate and you can even use energy storage options to store unused solar energy for days when there is little to no sun coverage. This ensures your gate works all the time with no issues. Regardless of the power option you choose for your automatic gates, remember to have a backup generator option in case something does go wrong or breakdown. This way you can still use the gate and access the property.

Access Control Options

When you choose an automatic gate, an option you may be able to choose from is the type of access control you want used. The traditional option is to go with a keypad entry. You simply drive up to the control panel, type in a code you have had a fencing contractor set-up for you, and allow the gate to open. Other options you may want to consider are card swipe options or identification chip options that allow you to show a card and enter the gate.

Gate Entrance Options

Once you have chosen how you want to power the automatic gate and trigger the gate to open you will be left with the entrance option itself. This refers to how you want the gate to open. Do you want it to swing inward, outward, or slide to either side of the fence line? This is an option that is completely up to you and can be installed based on your choices by your fencing contractor.

Choosing automatic gates is something that can make your life a little easier and keep your property secure. If you are ready to have your automatic gate installed, contact your fencing contractor for options and pricing.